Tuesday, 4 October 2016

                                         CHILD ADOPTION


The child to be adopted may be a boy or a girl but must be Hindu who has not been previously adopted. The child must be unmarried, but if the custom applicable to the parties permits the adoption of married child, such children may also be adopted. Importantly the child must not have completed fifteen years of age unless customs practiced by parties allow adoption of persons who have completed fifteen years of age.

Can person having children adopt a child?

In case of a male child being adopted, the adoptive parents must not have a Hindu Son, Son's Son or Son's Son's Son living (grandson, great grandson) at the time of adoption similarly in case of adoption of female child, the adoptive parents should not have a Hindu Daughter, or Son's Daughter living at the time of adoption.

Can a Hindu Woman take a child in adoption?

Generally it is the male Hindu who is a major and of sound mind who can take a child in adoption but only with the consent of his surviving wife not otherwise disqualified under law.

However, a Hindu Woman has also capacity to adopt if she satisfies the following conditions:

a. She is major

b. She is of sound mind

c. She is unmarried

d. If married, the marriage is dissolved or the husband is dead or the husband has completely and finally renounced the world or has converted to other religion or declared as of unsound mind by competent court.

Can a Hindu female adopt a child?

A Hindu female can adopt a child subject to certain conditions. Section 8 of Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act, 1956 has prescribed certain conditions as follows:

The Hindu female should be a major and of sound mind and unmarried to adopt a child. If married, the marriage should have been dissolved, or the husband must be dead, or the husband must have completely and finally renounced the world, or has ceased to be a Hindu, or has been declared as of unsound mind by a Court of competent jurisdiction.

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Monday, 3 October 2016

                                        BANGALORE REAL ESTATE 


It is an established fact that property prices around any city or town in a developing country will always be increasing. Industrial and commercial activities attract people to the urban areas in large numbers. The rising demand for commercial and residential land causes the cities to swell upwards through multi-storied buildings, and outward through the development of sub-urban areas. This observable fact is evident in all urban areas around the globe. Property prices are bound to increase along with economic progress. But the rate of increase can vary considerably from one place to another. 

Persons who are considering fixed, short term or long term investments in urban and sub-urban areas should make a detailed study of the causes for existing prices in the particular area they have in mind. Speculative investments may trigger a sharp increase in prices though there are no specific reasons to warrant the rate of increase.A general guideline that can be applied to assess whether a specific rise in real estate prices at a specific place is warranted or not, is to check the proportionate rise in demand for industrial, commercial and residential areas around that place. 

Property Development in Bangalore: 

Looked among the largest growing cities in the world, Bangalore city has seen a sharp increase in property prices over the past couple of decades. The industrial development of the suburbs has led to the rise of a large number of affluent businessmen, professionals and upper middle class in the city, the majority of them not local residents. 

The rapid development of the information technology (IT) sector is mainly credited for the high rate of increase in property prices over the recent years, but the real expansion started during the 1970s with the development of huge industrial areas beyond the suburbs of the city. This gave rise to increased demand for commercial space in the central business district of the city. The surrounding residential areas were encroached into and this resulted in the outward expansion of the city. 

Locations that were once considered far outside the city limits have now become fashionable & lucrative residential areas. The success and expansion of the IT industry increased the demand for commercial and residential space within the old city area, and this led to the upward expansion of Bangalore through high rise structures, and the process is still going on. 

Current Trends: 

To ensure that the land is available at reasonable rates for a healthy development of the city, the state government is taking procedures to check further congestion within the old city limits, while at the same time providing infrastructure for proper development in the outskirts. Zoning restrictions have been implemented to thwart haphazard development. Strict action is being taken to curtail the nefarious activities of unscrupulous real estate dealers, who produce forged title deeds and other documents to fraudulently sell property that belongs to others. Even there have been many cases cropping up wherein government lands were illegally disposed of in this manner. While genuine property developers are encouraged, speculators have been restrained from indiscriminately raising property prices. The government policy is to ensure that property, whether built up or as land, is available at reasonable rates. 

Another major development is the approval of the Central cabinet for the proposed Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) which is planned to cover 33kms in two corridors. 

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